Introduction to Sociology


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Examine the field of sociology in terms of history, theoretical perspectives, research methods, and ethical issues
  • Explain cultures and their role in social interactions
  • Examine socialization and factors that effect socialization and social interactions
  • Assess deviance and the reasons for deviant behaviors
  • Analyze the different social stratifications
  • Explain sexual and racial discrimination
  • Critique inequalities in gender and age and their impacts on society
  • Assess the various social groups and organizations within societies, and discuss their origin
  • Analyze poverty and its effects on society
  • Examine factors that influence decision making and choice
  • Analyze the history of politics, globalization, and the effects of transformation
  • Examine the role of family in socialization
  • Examine diversity in U.S. families and study trends in marriages, remarriages, and divorce
  • Examine issues in education and factors that affect the educational system in the United States
  • Analyze religion in the U.S. and other world religions
  • Examine urbanization, evolution of various cities, and growth in population in the U.S. and the world
  • Analyze the history, theory of population growth, and demographics
  • Explain the process of social change
  • Examine the effects of growth and technology on social interactions and the environment
    This class includes the following eText:

Henslin, Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach; 10th Edition (2013); ISBN: 0205898475