Introduction to Business Information Systems



Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze the purpose, components, and issues related to common business information systems
  • Analyze the impact of business processes and information systems on an organization
  • Explain the factors that influence how an organization selects information systems
  • Describe how databases are used in business
  • Compare different methodologies for information systems development
  • Evaluate various functional systems
  • Explain fundamental communication and networking concepts
  • Explain how the Internet impacts the way organizations use information systems
  • Evaluate the information system needed to support e-commerce
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities associated with information systems management
  • Explain how businesses manage ethical considerations with respect to information systems
  • Describe how an organization can protect against various information system threatsThis class includes the following eText:Kroenke, Using MIS, 6th Edition (2014); ISBN: 0133029670