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ICS wants to bring an affordable, flexible, and convenient education to everyone who wants to learn. We customize and align curriculum, provide fully developed courses and resources, as well as institutions to provide learning opportunities.

ICS Partners with Christian Organizations

We are dedicated to providing students with an affordable,

flexible and convenient college plan.


The Christian Connector

Providing an affordable education to our high school and young adult students.


Classical Conversations Plus

Earn your college degree with Classical Conversations through Southeastern University!

stoa image1

Stoa Speech and Debate Club

Recognizing the value of competitive speech by earning college credit for participation.

ICS Partners with Home School Groups


Credo Academy

Providing concurrent enrollment courses in Lone Tree, Colorado. Taught by Credo Academy teachers and assessed by ICS college professors exposing students to the challenges and rewards of higher education with their full support system in tact.


R-HOM Homeschool Community

Encouraging parents to home school from toddlers to college. We believe in the importance of community, fellowship, and sharing resources with friends. Dual-enrollment Christian courses are taught at home and assessed by college professors with parental oversite.


Lighthouse Christian Academy

Inspiring youth to reach their full potential through serving others and seeking higher knowledge. Courses are taught by LCA teachers and assessed by ICS college professors. Designed to strengthen relationships in home school families, students apply Christian values in dual-enrollment courses.

ICS Partners with Colleges

Southeastern University

At ICS, we proudly partner with Cold Water Media

to offer students a new way to engage with history.


Drive Through History allows students to

experience the world's most significant events,

meet the world's most influential people,

and visit the world's most important places. 

Students will recognize Dave Stotts

throughout ICS Interactive courses.