Self motivated 9th-12th grade students, who have decent time management skills, organization skills, and follow through tasks. Students should be able to take constructive criticism to continually improve in the subject area. Ultimately, participating in ICS Independent is about extending your Christian community to a college Assessor who joins with parents to support the student in their educational advancement. ICS supports you and your family through this journey.
Students are earning credits through The College at Southeastern(C@SE), located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. The College at Southeastern was started by and receives it’s regional accreditation through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has been regionally accredited since 1978 through Southern Association of Colleges and Schools SACS. These credits are widely transferable to colleges and universities around the country and abroad.
Students receive regional college credit upon successful completion of ICS Independent courses. Regional credits are accepted at 98% of all US colleges and universities. Check the destination institution’s website for their transfer policies or contact their registrar’s office.
For the duration of the course, numerical scores are used. Students receive letter grades on their final transcript.
Concurrent Enrollment is high school curriculum approved for college level assessment. It meets the standards for a course and has been approved for accreditation by the partner institution awarding credit (C@SE). The high school teacher (parent/facilitator) teaches the college course. The professor gives the grade for the college transcript and the parent gives a grade for the high school transcript.
The ICS curriculum with its facilitator’s guide, texts, and resources is used and taught by the parent at home and supported in the community setting at Credo Academy. This protects and honors parents in their role as educators and maintains face to face interaction and quality conversations in the classroom. College educators assess the students’ assignments, essays, exams, projects, and presentations for college credit. These college assessors have at least a Master’s Degree in their field of assessment, and have been approved by the supporting college partner.
All regionally accredited courses are $389. Each course consists of three credit hours. Books for ICS Independent courses cost on average $80.

Seventy-five dollars holds your student's seat in the class. The $75 is non-refundable, but it is deducted from the price of the overall tuition payment. Course seats fill quickly; we have had to turn students away in the past; so the deposit secures your registration

ICS Independent also offers degree plans. A degree plan is a document displaying or explaining a set of college course information (institution name, course title, and course number) intending to lead to a specific degree. The degree plan typically displays a mix of courses already completed (including the achieved academic grade) and courses intended for future study. Degree plans provide clarity to registrars and families.

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