Our clients Testimonials

"Thanks so much! This has been such a great step for my son academically and personally in his education. It has been a joy to see him step up his game in regards to basic planning and study skills."

-From the H. family

"ICS has been a wonderful experience! The feedback I have received on my assignments has been extremely helpful, and I have really enjoyed the class."

-Lauren P.

"My experience with ICS has been overwhelmingly positive. The layout is clear and user-friendly. Personable and encouraging professors round out a wonderful online college experience."

-Caleb L.

"I am thankful for the ways CC has prepared me to succeed in ICS. Every invention, arrangement and elocution tool truly is valuable. Thank you."

-Eden A.

"ICS has connected me with amazing mentors that have helped me grow my skills and abilities as a student tremendously. ICS is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity that I would recommend."

-Charlotte M.

It is such a wonderful option... my family has appreciated it so much. I can't believe the leap my daughter's writing took after British Lit. Blessings. Thank you for all you do."

- Happy Parent

"Thank you so much for your help! I received my grade. I am truly enjoying the class!"

-17/18 British Literature Student

"I really enjoyed my experience with Integrity College Solutions (C@SE) in high school. Earning college and high school credit at an incredibility affordable price has helped already in my freshman year of college. Both advisors I interacted with were more than helpful with any question and very encouraging which helped with the self paced program. I highly recommend taking these courses!" - Estimated savings: $4,500 - Transferred to Colorado State University

-Mary M.