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Integrity College Solutions

 The affordable, flexible and convenient college option designed just for you. Whether you are an individual student, home school group, high school program, or business reprentative,
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Interactive Program

Developed by Integrity College Solutions and backed by regionally accredited universities, our interactive, semester-based curriculum provides concurrent enrollment courses to home school, public, and private high school students.These courses contain interactive videos, can be combined with local curriculum, and provide college professor assessment exposing students to the challenges and rewards of higher education with a full support system intact.

semester-based courses
Independent Program

Developed by Pearson Learning Solutions, our independent, self-paced curriculum offers a broad range of courses and custom solutions for web-enhanced, hybrid and online-learning opportunities. ICS course content is developed by a team of respected subject matter experts and experienced e-Learning Instructional Designers. Course content is built around specific learning objectives recommended for credit by the American Council on Education. 

self-paced courses

$2 Million Dollars

ICS 2020 Savings Goal 

Families Save!

Our 2020 goal is to save students at least 2 million dollars in education costs. ICS works to provide flexible education options to meet the demands of our students daily lives. According to CollegeBoard.com, the average 3-credit course costs $3,100 PLUS books. ICS courses cost as low as $400 INCLUDING books. Now that's an affordable education!


Estimated Student Savings in 2020

Tuition Assistance

Integrity College Solutions works with businesses and organizations to provide an effective and efficient tuition assistance program to their employes. We provide online and classroom solutions to working adults ready to earn their degree.

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Odyssey Program

Interested in spiritual, emotional, and academic development and some traveling opporunities? Classical Conversations and Integrity College Solutions have joined together to provide an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and learn valuable skills together!

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