What are the costs?

Courses are $300 – $400 depending upon the course 

How old should the student be before they attempt a course?

It depends on the student, but we generally recommend these courses to ages 15 and up.

How long does the student have to finish a course?

15 weeks.

What is the layout of a course?

Generally, there are 12 – 15 lessons per course.  For each lesson the student has a reading assignment, a visual presentation and a quiz. There are also quarterly tests and a final exam. The student’s grade is accumulative from lesson quizzes, quarterly tests and the final exam.

What kind of grade will the student obtain?

These courses mostly focus on General Education classes.  They are pass or fail. 70% or higher is required for a student to pass the class and be awarded credit.

What kind of transcript will the student receive?

Students will receive an Official ACE Transcript from the American Council on Education.  The student’s advisor will guide them through that process.  When ready, the transcript will be sent to the college or university of the student’s choice.

What do the advisors and monthly calls provide for the student?

Students will be assigned to an advisor to speak with over the phone each month. The purpose of the monthly calls with an advisor is to help the student set and reach goals, understand the course layout, upload transcripts, answer questions and offer support and encouragment to students. 

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