About Us

Help Reduce Student Debt

Currently over 1.2 trillion dollars is owed in student loans.  ICS is committed to helping students stay out of dangerous debt, while still supporting traditional colleges and universities

Guide Students Through Completing Their Degree

Many people give up on their degree because of life circumstances, poor health, financial and many other reasons. ICS extends the opportunity for students of any age and season of life to complete their degree with affordability, flexibility and accountability

Partner Colleges

Our network of partner colleges and universities are dedicated to working with ICS students to give them the best possible education with the least amount of debt, so students can pursue their dream career unhindered 

Student Support

Student support is provided through our consulting and advising services. Though the courses are completed by the individual student, ICS provides consulting, accountability and support through consistent calls with advisors. Our students are never alone on their educational journey

Price Comparison

Private University

CollegeBoard Statistics

$2,700 per 3 Credits

Out-of-State Public College

CollegeBoard Statistics

$750 per 3 Credits + Books

In-State Public College

CollegeBoard Statistics

$550 per 3 Credits + Books

Integrity College Solutions


Current Prices

$389 per 3 Credits