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        At Integrity College Solutions, we assist all individuals looking to pursue higher education.  Whether you’re in highschool, out of highschool or need to finish your degree, we believe that neither cost nor inconvenience should hold you back from pursuing your degree.  How do we help?  First, you have a personalized phone consultation with one of our experienced college consultants.  We want to hear about your educational needs and desires. After this call you can choose a customized degree path and start taking our affordable, accredited online courses for one to three years. The courses will then transfer to one of our many partner colleges or universities so you can complete your degree.  You can finish your degree on campus or online.  This start-to-finish program can save you tens of thousands of dollars and very well could be the convenient, affordable college opportunity you’ve always been searching for.


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Accounting – Business Administration – Finance etc…


Editor – Reporter – Media Associate etc…

Computer Information Systems

Programming – Software Engineer – IT Director etc…

Criminal Justice

Criminal Investigation – Police Officer – Courtroom Security etc…


Kindergarten Teacher –  Preschool Teacher – Teachers Assistant etc…


Nursing – Healthcare Management etc…

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